An Amazing Weekend in Corfu

Looking down on Corfu, Greece from the airplane, I could feel my adrenaline spike from excitement. We were about 5 minutes from landing and I was thinking about how I have never seen such a blue ocean in my life. With buildings of all different colors lining the coast, the panoramic view looked like a painting. When we finally landed and exited the plane, it was about 60 degrees and sunny. So, naturally, once we arrived at our hotel, The Corfu Palma Boutique, we threw on bathing suites and headed to the beach (we haven’t felt such warm weather in months!).

Corfu wasn’t quite ready for us because tourist season doesn’t begin until May. 1 so all of the hotels and locals were still preparing and cleaning up for it. However, this was almost better because when we got to the beach, we found a dock with not one person on it. So, we claimed it for our own. The mountains with still snowy tops right across the ocean from us didn’t quite match up with our bathing suites, but the sun kept us very warm on our dock. We all must’ve fell asleep because by the time we woke up, it was about 3 1/2 hours later and starting to get chilly. We headed back to get some lunch.

Not much was open, so we asked our front desk where he suggested we go for some authentic Greek food. He pointed a few buildings down to Anna’s Place. Walking in, the outside patio walls were painted pink and purple with all different style chairs. It was bohemian decorated and the smell of food overwhelmed my nose. An older woman with the sweetest face came out and gave us menus. We couldn’t understand each other, but by the look on our faces she knew we were starving. Before she even took our orders, she ran inside and made us garlic bread from scratch. The menu (with a message on the top saying “Anna is Cooking For you!”) was filled with freshly made dishes. I ordered a toastie (toasted bread) with feta, onions and tomatoes on it along with a Greek salad, a chocolate milkshake and water. Still hungry, Anna brought us out pita bread with more feta. The feta was perfectly rich and melted in your mouth. I already miss that real Greek feta.

After our lunch we walked back to our hotel to relax in the indoor jacuzzi and take advantage of the sauna. All of these things being brand new because like I said, all of the hotels were barely prepared for us because it wasn’t tourist season yet. It was all really nice nonetheless and that night we headed into Corfu Town about thirty minutes away for dinner at Avli Restaurant. We followed the Meze style of dishes, which is an assortment of smaller dishes served family style to the whole table. Our 6 dishes consisted of: meatballs, sausages, kebabs and octopus. It was all traditional Greek food, delicious, well-priced and the staff was friendly. For dessert we ordered apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I absolutely suggest visiting here if you’re ever in Corfu!

On Friday morning, we headed to the other side of the island to check into our other hotel, The Panorama Apartments right behind the Pink Palace Hotel where our other friends were staying. Paying only 60 euro for 3 nights, we were more than happy with our experience at the Panorama. It was in a great location with incredible owners who were more than helpful and welcoming. The owner, Spiros, and his family made us feel like we were more than guests and we even ended up becoming good friends with them by the end of our stay.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.07.39 AM

After putting our things away in our room (that had an amazing view of the ocean), we headed to the beach. American study abroad kids everywhere enjoying the beautiful day on the beach and at the beach bar; it was really an awesome time. That night, Spiro’s wife cooked us homemade Moussaka, a traditional dish that reminds me of lasagna but is so much better. I ended up having it 4 times over the course of the weekend and I would have to say it is officially my favorite food ever. We stayed in and spent time on the pool deck overlooking the ocean enjoying drinks made by Spiros.

The next morning it was a little cloudy, but that didn’t stop us from having a delicious breakfast on the pool deck again then heading out on an ATV Safari Tour in the mountains of Corfu. There were about 60 of us kids in the group with 3 tour guides. We drove through the small towns until we made it to the road that took us up the mountain to an incredible view of all of Corfu. We were literally driving on roads that were on cliffs and it was so much fun.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.10.16 AM

Reeking of gasoline from the 5 hour ATV trip, we all went home to shower then meet up again for the Pink Toga Party at the club in the Pink Palace. Yes, a pink toga party. Everyone was decked out in pink togas made out of sheets. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. The drinks were cheap and the music was good so I would say we all had a fun time. However, by the end of the night I was so happy to be going back to my quiet room at the Panorama Apartments instead of walking up stairs to a room in the Pink Palace.

Sunday morning came to quickly and I was not looking forward to leaving beautiful Corfu. We spent the day relaxing, enjoying our beautiful view of the beach and eating our home cooked meals made by Spiros’ wife. This island treated us to an amazing weekend. It didn’t have the white houses with the blue tops like what you would normally think of when thinking of Greece, but instead it had gorgeous wilderness and great beaches. Corfu you were amazing and I’ll be back!

Kelsey Maloney is a student at the University of Rhode Island and an official API Student Blogger. Kelsey is studying abroad with API in Rome, Italy.

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