A Short Romance: Farewell Sevilla

Sevilla 1

These last few days in Sevilla have felt like a breakup–the kind you see coming but are desperately trying to avoid. In the end, the heartbreak comes anyway.

The past three months have been a kind of romance. When we first met. everything felt new and exciting. I saw endless opportunities for us. In the beginning I was just getting to know her: the big important things like the cathedral and the Alcazar, and the little things like the shortcuts home and the secret hideouts in Maria Luisa Park.

Sevilla 2

We had our bad days, too. The days when I was frustrated that I couldn’t take the classes I wanted or scared that my Spanish wasn’t good enough. On the worst days, I thought about what life would be like with a different city–could I be happier somewhere else?

More importantly we had our good days. Comfortable evenings when I’d watch American action films dubbed in Spanish with my host mom or listen to my host dad ramble about politics. The nights I spent wandering the nearly empty streets on my way home with friends or when we danced with the Spaniards and Irishmen at bars. I’ll remember the day my friend Maddy and I got lost on a bus trip outside the city but still managed to have fun.

Sevilla 3

I’ll have views from atop the Setas at night and images of the Giralda burned into my memory. I’ll try to hold back my tears when I walk back from my school through my favorite park and to my house for the last time. I know I’ll fail when I say goodbye to my host mom and my Spanish home for the last time.

So yes, I’d say it’s been a proper romance between Sevilla and me. The kind that happens quickly but passionately and leaves your heart broken in enough pieces for you to carry some with you and leave some behind.

I know Sevilla won’t miss me; she’s had enough lovers come and go over the years that one more can’t leave much more of a mark–maybe the minutely worn path my footsteps left from my house to the city center, but not much else. As for me, it’s all there. Sevilla won’t leave me, and I finally understand why her motto is “No me ha dejado.”

Sevilla 4

Madeline Cortes is a student at Boston College and an official API Blogger. Madeline is studying abroad with API in Seville, Spain.

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  1. Seville is one of the most beautiful places in Spain!!!

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