6 creative courses you can take at Massey University

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, API & Massey University are giving away two $1500 flight vouchers to study abroad with us this fall! All you have to do is apply for our fall semester program by April 1st. Because Massey’s Wellington campus is their “creative campus,” students can choose from comprehensive offerings in the creative arts. Here are six cool & creative courses you might be taking this fall!

New Zealand study abroad students

1. Coding for Creative Practice

Although coding seems like a STEM subject, it’s actually being used more and more in a creative sense. From digital marketing to website design, there are ample job opportunities for artists and designers in the coding field. This studio course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer programming as an art & design tool. Students will leave the course with a basic understanding of fundamental techniques for the creative uses of coding across a range of art and design contexts.

2. Audio Production & Sound Design

If starting your own podcast is a dream of yours, Massey University can help you get going! This course introduces students to common digital audio production tools found within the industry. In addition, students will gain a creative and technical knowledge of sound design concepts and audio production processes essential for creating music, sound and more across multiple media platforms.

3. Designing Science Fiction

The science fiction genre is growing more and more! As a result, Massey staff have added this fantastic class for anyone who wants a jump start on their story concept. Students will learn how to research within the genre and how to maintain accuracy when applicable. They will also explore and expand science fiction theory and practice. From novel writing to movie producing, your first steps into the creative world of science fiction begin here!

4. Introduction to Film & Video on Location

Because New Zealand is home to several huge movie sets (ever heard of Lord of the Rings?) this course is one you won’t be able to take anywhere else in the world. Students are introduced to industry standard techniques for film and video production on location. They also gain creative and technical understanding of lighting and digital recording processes.

Students interested in film production can go even further with API! One of our semester excursions includes a trip to South Wairarapa. After touring a lighthouse, our Resident Directors will take you on a guided walk through Putangirua Pinnacles, a famous filming location for the Lord of the Rings movies!

5. Social Media & Digital Marketing

The future of marketing is right here on the Internet! More businesses are turning to social media and digital marketing for their business needs. This course gives students an in-depth look at best practices. Because you’re studying abroad, it’s very likely you’ll stand out in a competitive job field after graduation. Having international experience is something many businesses are now putting priority on.

6. Foundation Māori Culture

New Zealand has a very unique and interesting history. This class introduces students to the Maori culture, including the principles and implications of biculturalism and Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi). Of course, you’ll also get the chance to learn more about Maori sayings and slang common to Kiwis in Wellington.

Want to join us in Wellington? Apply to our Direct Enrollment Program with Massey University by April 1st & you’ll automatically be entered to win a $1500 flight voucher! Kia Ora!

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