19 Things All FU-BESTers Can Relate To

For those of us studying at Freie Universität Berlin through the FU-BEST program, the past semester has been a whirlwind of fun, German language learning, 10 page papers, and the Mensa life. While we’re surely going to miss this when we return home, here are 19 things we can all relate to.

  1. During the program orientation, your first question for new people you met was: “Luxembourg or Prague?”
  2. “Are you going to Stammtisch tonight?” was the most commonly asked question on Thursdays.
  3. “So, I’m going to Omega tonight, and then will probably stop by Clash later. Should I message our What’s App group?” is probably the most FU-BEST sentence ever said.
  4. You know the heartbreak of realizing that the café in the student center was closed for the latter part of March.
  5. You still cringe at the thought of swarms of FU-BESTers descending upon public transportation during group outings.
  6. You’re a little bit obsessed with the entire FU-BEST staff.
  7. You understand the mass mourning that began when the Lankwitz Döner place raised their prices from €2 to €2.50.
  8. You basically lived on the X-83.
  9. You’ve drank more Apfelschörle than you thought humanly possible.
  10. You may have spent more time on McDonald’s WiFi than you’d prefer.
  11. You loved making up fun nicknames for Daddy Dirk.
  12. You consistently ran into other FU-BESTers throughout Berlin, even though we were just 150 people out of 3.5 million Berlin residents.
  13. You cringe at the thought of writing another 10-page paper.
  14. You’ve bonded with your German class over grammar exercises and presentations.
  15. You loved hearing about all the places that people traveled to on the weekends and during Spring Break.
  16. You have a deep appreciation for the cake in the Lankwitz Mensa.
  17. You were either completely involved with FU-BEST drama or were entirely unaware of what was happening. There was no in-between.
  18. You spent the last few weeks borrowing other people’s Mensa cards for printing purposes.
  19. You’ve fallen in love with Berlin and never want to leave.

Jenna Kersten is a student at Siena College and an official API student blogger.  Jenna is currently studying abroad with API in Berlin, Germany.

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