Meet Our Bloggers

Each semester the API blog features a crew of thoughtful, hardworking and passionate bloggers. The team will share their abroad experience via writing, videography, photography… a mix of expressive mediums to tell their API story; presenting an opportunity to explore right alongside our students! Meet the 2018 blogger crew:

We are very excited to announce the newest team of student bloggers! This talented crew will be sharing their experiences abroad in their respective study abroad locations right here on the blog. Visit back here to view photos, hear stories, join them in reflections and experience the world of international education right alongside them! The Summer team will feature the following:

Bradley Matican- Binghamton University- Study Abroad- Valparaiso, Chile- Business Administration with a Concentration in Leadership/Consulting, Spanish, Comparative Literature, Latin American and Caribbean American Studies with a Double Minor in Global Studies and Education

Anna Bovalina – University of Dayton – Study Abroad – Florence, Italy – Marketing

Amanda Weir- Intern Abroad – Mount Saint Mary’s University- Edinburgh, Scotland, Communications Major

Mattison Gotcher- University of Texas at Austin- Intern Abroad- Costa Rica- Textiles and Apparel design / Radio-Television-Film

Jennifer Rose – Johnson & Wales University Providence Campus- Study Abroad- London, England- Liberal Studies major 

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