This is How We’re Groovin’ When We’re Movin’! – CE by API Staff Share Their Favorite Travel Tunes

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the staff here at CE by API loves to travel. And likely just as unsurprising that we all have our favorite tunes to keep us toe-tapping along. So without further ado, here’s a compilation of our favorite artists and songs that we love to travel to.

Emlyn Lee
Managing Director of Cultural Embrace & VP of OutreachUntitled-2_10Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”

“This song inspires me to do more. And, MJ is a hit no matter where you are in the world…everyone knows (and loves) him!”

Lisa Braun
Financial Services Advisor

Untitled-2_07Gillian Welch’s “Look at Miss Ohio”

“This song makes me wanna be driving on a long stretch of road, windows rolled down and no schedule.”

Erin Meagher
Senior Program Manager & Divisional Coordinator

Untitled-22_10“Remind Me” by Röyksopp

“When I came home from my study abroad summer I “saw”/heard it here… loved the commercial and loved the song so I downloaded it… then the next summer when I went back to work in Galway my friend and I were in the airport acting the commercial out and the song has since stayed on my ipod, such great memories… airports, travel, Galway, adventures…”

Jen Jones
Program Coordinator

Untitled-3_08“Wavin Flag” by K’naan.

“Sang it so many times during the world cup celebrations in South Africa.”

Carolyn Lutes
Director of Student Services

Untitled-23_10“Billy Breathes” by Phish

“It takes me back to my study abroad. Had it on a mix tape that I would listen to on my walkman on bus/train rides.”

Courtney Link
Senior Vice President of Customized and Experiential Development

Untitled-24_03Sufjan Stevens’s “Michigan” album

“It’s one of those rarities that is peaceful and pleasant to listen to as an album, start to finish (something not done very much these days) … mellow and melodic…. it makes me feel like I’m alone on the plane, not a care in the world–best listened to it through earphones, 30,000 feet up, window seat only! (for looking out over the frozen, white ground below)”

Julie Leitman
Senior Northeastern Regional Director

Untitled-22_03“Bye Bye Ms. American Pie” by Don McClean

“It takes me back to my time in Sevilla…it played in all the bars and I used to sing it with my Spanish friends. It always made me very American and a bit homesick, since it brought me out of the moment with my friends and transported me home.”

Brittany Boehr
Program Manager

Untitled-23_07James Taylor

“Reminds me of summertime by the coast in central California.”

Jeramy Johnson
Jeramy Johnson – Vice President of Development

Untitled-2_03U2’s  “Trying to Throw Your Arms Around The World”
Gomez’s “See the World”
Jamie Cullum’s “Twentysomething”

Patrick Durigan
Aspire Program Coordinator

Untitled-23_03Modest Mouse’s “This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About”

Julia Miggins
Program Manager

Untitled-3_06Fleet Foxes
“Listening to their albums makes me want to go on long road-trips with the windows down!”

Ilene Tillman
Northeast Regional Director

“Reminds me of my time in Spain.”

Cyndi Nevin
Financial Services Advisor

Untitled-3_12Santigold’s “Santogold”

“When I was working in NYC I spent a lot of time walking around the city and I used to listen to this album on loop on my ipod to help me put on the proper NYC attitude!.”

Rachel Mogan
Student Services Intern
3_03Sabaton and Sonata Arctica

“They’re awesome Swedish metal bands. Nothing gets you pumped up for a road trip like a killer guitar solo!”

Mark Ciani
Outreach Coordinator

Untitled-5_03French Kicks

“I discovered them seven years ago, on one of my first recruiting trips with API. Everything then seemed like such an adventure waiting to happen. I still feel that sense of adventure and urgency for it whenever I put on one of their albums.”

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