Participant Profile: Candice teaches English in Thailand

Candice recently left for a small northern province of Thailand to teach elementary students in a public school until March 2018. She is living in one of the numerous locations in Thailand where high buildings, traffic, and factories are just not a thing. The environment is fresh and clean, where most people prefer spending the late afternoon hours engaging in outdoor activities. Since few foreigners are found here, social opportunities are easily encountered with local people and businesses. The community is much quieter in comparison to other parts of Thailand where one can experience a traditional, more rural Thai lifestyle.

A recent graduate from Eastern Washington University and an educator at heart, Candice shared her departing thoughts with us.

“Being able to teach English in Thailand will be the experience of a lifetime. Most of all, I am excited about the simple life lessons I can learn from my students, teachers I work with, and community members I connect with. From interacting and partaking, I can benefit the community which I am placed and help my students progress. I am ready to face the challenges associated with teaching English in a foreign country and believe I am competent to be an effective and encouraging teacher. I can truly make a difference for my future Thai students and am ready to make my dream of traveling to Thailand a reality.

Now that I have earned my certification, I am striving to become a lifelong learner through new experiences. I believe the more experiences I have as an educator, the more knowledge I can give to my future students. I want to inspire my students to be open to the opportunities our world has to offer. I want my students to be globally conscious by making cross-cultural connections and to be inspired to find their success and use their talents to make a positive change. I want to inspire my future students to be lifelong learners and to always strive for betterment. I want to teach them these traits, by practicing them myself.”

The next deadline to apply to teach in Thailand is August 1st, 2017 for a start date in October 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact your program manager, Octavia at [email protected]

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