Parsons Paris Interview: Ruben

We had the chance to chat with Parsons Paris student and summer program staff member, Ruben Zamora-Vargas about his experience in Paris, at Parsons and in the world of art and design. 

How did you first hear about Parsons Paris?
I went to an art and design high school in Miami (DASH). This school really focused on getting its students into the most prestigious art and design colleges, not only in the US but around the world as well.

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-27-27-pmHow long have you been interested in fashion?
At heart, I’ve always been an artist and designer but my interest in fashion really began my sophomore year of high school.

What are your favorite classes that you have taken at Parsons Paris thus far?
As a first year, you take Integrative Studio and Seminar. These two courses are linked and bridge the practice of art and design with the theory side. These two classes really helped me and my work evolve both technically and conceptually.

Describe the learning environment at Parsons Paris… what is the student/ faculty dynamic like? Did you have any favorite professors?
One reason I chose the Paris campus over the New York campus was the smaller atelier (workshop) like feel. With only about 170 students, it really feels like a family here. You get to know all your fellow peers from different majors and years as well as the faculty. Classes are small and really allow for one-on-one time with your professors.

How do you feel your time at Parsons Paris has helped you get closer to achieving your future professional fashion/design goals?
screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-50-46-pmAnother reason I chose the Paris campus is well… Paris! The city has opened many doors for me and although I’ve been half- way across the world from home these past two years, the experiences I have had and my personal growth has been worth it. I have gotten to work with fashion designers, models, photographers and stylists and on many runway shows and photo shoots. Back in Miami, I would go on and dream of one day being part of those fashion week shows and editorials. Now, it’s sort of become a part of my daily life. As cliche as it may sound, it still feels surreal being here.

You worked with the summer Parsons Paris students this past summer… what were some of your favorite extracurricular activities (cultural events, excursions, etc.) from the program?
Disneyland Paris, of course, is on that list of favorite excursions… everyone had a blast! I also really enjoyed going to Chambord and the farm. Who could resist those adorable baby alpacas and goats!

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-28-11-pmDo you have any favorite anecdotes or memories from the summer program that you can share with us?
Being on staff this summer with API was just one more of the many incredible opportunities I’ve had being here in Paris. Meeting the students and seeing how amazed they were with Paris brought me back to when I first arrived, excited yet anxious to embark on a new adventure.

What is next for you after Parsons?
The million dollar question! I’m not sure! It might be the French culture influencing me, but being here has made me slow down a bit and enjoy the present and not plan too far ahead. Once reality kicks in, I imagine I will find a niche in the world of design for me. One that I think represents me as an artist and helps me to make a small impact on the world.

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