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JasonpaulMcCarthy-bwQ&A with Jasonpaul McCarthy

Director of the BFA Fashion Program / Parsons Paris

API recently sat down for a two part interview series with faculty from the renowned Parsons The New School for Design in Paris to learn why Paris and Parsons are the epitome of design and fashion. We begin our series with Jasonpaul McCarthy, Director of BFA Fashion Program at Parsons Paris.

Q: What is it about Paris as a city that encourages great art and design?

A: Paris has always had a strong love affair with art & design. Both past and present, the city, its people and the environment have embodied a desire of wanting to learn, explore, discover and express themselves. This is why it has created for centuries great art and design. The city is an inspiring hub of designers and artists who breathe creativity, craft, aesthetic and style.There are signs of it everywhere you go, from the monuments and statues, to the museums and the landscape; in the food and in the way the Parisian people live. Their desire, history, values and vocation lend to accomplish nothing more and nothing less than creating great art and design.

Q: What kinds of unique experiences will a student have by going to Parsons Paris this summer?

A: Students during the summer program at Parsons Paris will be woven into the fabric of Paris using the city as a live laboratory to fuel their studies and art & design interests. The courses during the summer at Parsons Paris provide a unique experience for students to integrate what they have learned, explored, discovered outside of the classroom; and apply that to their courses and projects. As the school is ideally located in the center of Paris, student will benefit from all the amazing events, exhibitions, museums and trips. They will get a true taste through an art & design lens of what it is to be a student in Paris, what resources are available, and how the city is an extension of their classroom.  Students will experience an educational environmental at Parsons Paris that prides itself on attention to detail and focused learning. They will be submerged into a knowledgeable environment of a diverse cultural student body, as well as faculty members that are leading experts and artist in the field of art & design; to advise, guide and further the students interests in studying art & design.

Q: You offer several courses that take a multidisciplinary approach to art and design (music with architecture, food with tourism, fashion with technology)… how does this approach fit into Parson’s teaching methodology and the school’s view of today’s art student?

A: Fostering a multicultural educational environment and encouraging multidisciplinary learning goes without saying is a core value embedded into the Parsons Paris teaching methodology. The school prides itself on encouraging students to develop their own processes in areas within and outside their field of studies, through other disciplines of art and design, to find new solution and develop their own identity as an artist or designer. Parsons Paris believes that today’s art students need to look beyond just their subject. Parsons Paris believes that this helps them truly find what they love, what they enjoy doing and create a vision and artist voice that defines them. This method keeps inline with the art & design realm of today that is a hub of collaborations, seeking new ways and hybrid design solutions to better the world and environment we live in. Parsons Paris believes this teaching methodology is at the forefront of art and design today, responding, celebrating and delivering an approach to learning that leads to original, authentic and creative new possibilities, and unveils endless opportunities.

Q: What advice would you give to a student who is considering attending Parsons Paris this summer?

A: Be open, be willing and be excited! Take it all in. Soak it up like a sponge. Embrace the environment, culture, language and cuisine. Treat Paris as a playground to explore, investigate, discover and find out what you love, what inspires you, what you are interested in. Take advantage of the schools facilities, equipment and instructors; meet people, make connections, share your ideas and have fun.

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