My API study abroad story – Anastasia Papadin

Anastasia Papadin - API Campus Advocate 2

Anastasia advising a prospective student on API programs.

I decided to apply to be an API Campus Advocate because I appreciated the incredible experience API gave me when I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and I wanted to show other students why choosing API could be the best decision for them! I could not have predicted that I would be so happy with being an API Campus Advocate that it felt like an extension to my study abroad experience. One of my favorite parts [of being a Campus Advocate] has been helping students find their right fit to their international experience. For example, when I attended the study abroad fair I ran into an old friend who asked what I was doing representing API. After I explained my role, we exchanged contact information and we met up personally to talk about her potential experience. After hearing my experience and going through the API catalog to see the many different countries, she had a clearer mindset of what she wanted for her international experience. I even gave small tips such as investing in a purse that has a strap that crosses over your body with a sturdy zipper/ buckle so that the pro-European thieves don’t steal from you! It was so great to feel that my advice had an impact on a student.

I am now looking forward to the next 3 weeks in April where every Thursday from 4-5 me and my fellow campus advocate [at SDSU] will be tabling and meeting with more potential study abroad students. This study abroad “extension” experience has opened up more possibilities that keep me contacted with the API family. From being informed to attend Study Abroad Returnee Conference to potential job opportunities, I always feel connected! 

Anastasia Papadin - API Campus AdvocateAnastasia Papadin is a student at San Diego State University, and currently serves as an API Campus Advocate. She studied abroad with API in the International Studies Program at the University Autónoma of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain during the spring 2014 semester.

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  1. Great Work Anastasia.. I too have a few close friends who have similarly studied at particular Universities and then become advocates – by assisting in recruitment of International students to programs of that Institution itself.

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