I want a steak!

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China

I always hate being pessimistic, but I have a feeling that up until Friday, my blogs may be a little boring. Not for lack of me having a good time here, just because making lesson plans, teaching, and watching movies is not that exciting to write about.

Yesterday, Chris and I went for a walk up to the closest town to get some random food. I bought a bunch of crackers and what the Brits call biscuits. I didn’t realize it at the time, but they were all strange flavors. Two of them were Kim chi flavored, but they actually tasted kind of ranch like. One was guava, and the other was mushroom flavored. Needless to say, they weren’t that good. I did get some noodle bowls that turned out to be great. They’re pretty much what we can get back home at the supermarket. It was a nice change from the rice and vegetables that we eat almost every meal. Not that I’m complaining about the food here. I don’t have to cook it and it’s already paid for, so I’m happy to eat it.

The two girls that were running the store looked to be about 22 or so. They thought that Chris and I were the bee’s knees. It’s always funny when people rarely see white people. They are just so fascinated.

I’ve got Chris hooked on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. When it gets dark in the village there really isn’t much to do. I ventured out at night for the first time the other night and it was literally pitch black. I had a little LED flashlight. It didn’t help much and I think it just freaked the villagers out more than anything. I didn’t make it far before I decided it wasn’t a good idea.

I have some pictures of my class that I am posting to my Flickr account so check those out. I have to get my lesson plan started for this afternoon. I am teaching them classroom English. Words like sit down, be quite, one by one… You get the idea. They are at a very basic level, so it makes it a little difficult to teach anything else. Until next time…

Chris- Adviser Abroad China

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  1. Lauren says

    >The cutest bunch of kids ever! They are all SO excited! It literally makes my heart glow…(yes, it glows like a light-bulb!)When do you start teaching at the University level? I say this every time, but I am really enjoying your entries. I can see your facial expressions and gestures while I'm reading it! Love it!!

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