5 Things to Remember When “It was so awesome!” Doesn’t Quite Describe Your Study Abroad Experience

(A follow-up post to “Live, Travel, Adventure…and Don’t Be Sorry.”)


API alumni came together to feature issues related to mental health awareness and study abroad.  Join us this week as we look at the many aspects of healthy adventure in a foreign culture.

  1. The robot apocalypse has not yet begun: Your emotions are unique to you – as they should be! Embrace them. Don’t be a robot. And let me tell you, it’s a great feeling to know that I am still in fact a human being and that robots have not yet infiltrated my mind, only to leave my brain sitting in a jar somewhere. (I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hoping to hold out on this whole robot apocalypse thing for as long as possible.)

    Julie Comic Image 1

    Robots are fun-sucking squares. Don’t be one (Image retrieved from: theoatmeal.com).

  2. There is no rulebook for emotions: There is no right and wrong when it comes to how you feel, so never EVER think that your emotions are other than what they should be.
  3. Batman is overrated: Trust me, it is much more satisfying and exciting to be a strong attractive genius in your prime (Spiderman), than a sad, angry, middle-aged man with a smoker’s voice in a bat suit. In other words, it is infinitely better to accept yourself for who you are and to celebrate your strengths than to try to force yourself to be something you’re not. You do you!
  4. Once In A Lifetime does not exist: Once In A Lifetime only exists if you let it. If you aren’t completely satisfied with how something in your life went, LEARN from it and MOVE ON. Create or seize other opportunities in your life so that Once In a Lifetime becomes First In My Lifetime. Go out there and LIVE!
  5. Don’t be sorry: Never EVER be sorry for how you experience life. The only thing you should ever regret is not trying to learn from your hardships. And the key word here is *try: trying does not indicate success or failure. It simply means that you were brave enough to take the first step. (And as study abroad students, we can certainly all relate to that! EVERY ONE OF YOU IS BRAVE!) I believe in you. It’s about time you started believing in you too.

    You got this.

    Julie World Image 1
    Additional Links

    If you still don’t believe me when I say you’re not alone in your study abroad struggles, and you thoroughly enjoy sarcasm as much as I do, then check out this article, “Study Abroad Tips” – you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

    “Tips” for Studying Abroad: http://www.theonion.com/graphic/tips-studying-abroad-52336

    Julie Pleshe is an API Global Leader for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Interested in sharing your story through the API Global Leadership Academy? Apply today!

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