Study Abroad Realities: You’re Going to be Nervous

I’ve been revising my Spanish, reading Argentine news, and watching Argentine TV shows and films on Netflix in an attempt to pick up Argentine slang. However now, a week away from my start date, nerves and anxiousness are starting to creep alongside my excitement and anticipation.

Things I Wish I did Last Time I Studied Abroad in Spain

Today’s blog post comes to us from University of Vermont student & #APIabroad blogger Sophia Ma! She’s getting ready to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain. Interestingly, this is her second time going abroad! Today she’s sharing things she wish she knew or did the last time she studied abroad in Spain.

Preparing for Study Abroad: Physically & Mentally

Today’s blog post comes to us from Fordham University student & #APIabroad blogger Nicole Alston. CIAO! I’m Nicole & I will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy this coming fall semester. I am thrilled to be blogging with API & share my experience in Florence with you all. I have travelled abroad before but never […]

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