Financial Aid & Scholarships for Studying Abroad

One of the biggest concerns we hear from students wanting to study abroad is “How can I afford to go?” There are so many financial aid and scholarship options available, but oftentimes students are not aware these options exist. A new study shows that if you’re worried about cost, you’re not alone!   The findings […]

API Visa Processing Deadlines – Making Your Study Abroad Experience That Much Easier

So you want to study abroad in Spain… One of the most difficult aspects of preparing to study abroad in Spain is applying for a student visa. Many participants have to travel several hours to appear in person at their local Spanish consulate to submit their paperwork. Even more confusing, each consulate’s application requirements vary! […]

API Blog – What It Really Feels Like to Leave… & How to Cope with “The Feels”

Today’s guest blogger is Tera Cafro! Tera is a junior at Pacific University and is spending this fall semester studying abroad in Seville, Spain. “I got the idea for this blog post by reading a post by a previous API blogger who talked about the importance of being honest about feelings. I know from past experience […]

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