Am I really cut out for this?

By Tracy G., CE Adviser in Africa Right now I am not sure I can stay for the whole trip. There is a pig pen right outside my dorm room. The pigs oink so loud it feels like they are in the room with me. Not to mention the smell – gross! Oh, and the […]


By Stephanie P., Current Au Pair in France Its time to really start thinking about how to spend my most American/Californian summer ever! Today the Ninot family offered me an official placement!!!! I can’t wait to start getting everything together, getting my visa and signing up for the Au Pair classes. I’m so excited! My start […]

Beep! Beep!

By Tracy G., CE Adviser in Africa Traffic is CRAZY!! Only some of the roads are paved, and most of them are only two lanes. There is no system or driving laws. All you need is a drivers license and the courage to navigate through the chaos. The main mode of transportaion is riding a […]

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