What’s that smell? Oh, it’s me…

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China I have just gotten back from taking my new friends to the train station. It was great to meet them, and it’s too bad they have to leave. Today we went to downtown and got some random fried food. I had what the Brits called chips. Sliced potatoes […]

Someones in the Kitchen with Grace

By Tracy G., CE Adviser in Africa Today I was on kitchen duty. We started at 9am sorting beans and didn’t stop until 2pm. The kids are eager to help and seem to enjoy showing me the difference between “good” and “bad” beans. Grace, the cook, works pretty much all day long. She gets up […]

Two more days!!!

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China First off, Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents! I’d like to point out it has been a happy 30 years. Leg one of my journey is complete. I flew into Washington Saturday after a long day of moving and cleaning. I didn’t sleep well at all Friday night […]

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