Two more days!!!

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China First off, Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents! I’d like to point out it has been a happy 30 years. Leg one of my journey is complete. I flew into Washington Saturday after a long day of moving and cleaning. I didn’t sleep well at all Friday night […]

Am I really cut out for this?

By Tracy G., CE Adviser in Africa Right now I am not sure I can stay for the whole trip. There is a pig pen right outside my dorm room. The pigs oink so loud it feels like they are in the room with me. Not to mention the smell – gross! Oh, and the […]


By Stephanie P.,ย Current Au Pair in France Its time to really start thinking about how to spend my most American/Californian summer ever! Today the Ninot family offered me an official placement!!!! I can’t wait to start getting everything together, getting my visa and signing up for the Au Pair classes. I’m so excited! My start […]

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