API Gives Back In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here are a few photos of API Buenos Aires students volunteering at a local food bank and playing soccer with Argentine children. Enjoy! Receiving Instructions: Sorting Food: Group Photo At Food Bank: Playing With Argentinean Children: Soccer Game: America versus Argentina. Guess who won? (;

What Does 4 Months Of Change Look Like?

API Student Blogger: Katie H. API Program: Barcelona, Spain: International Studies Semester Program So today in the street a guy who was lost stopped me on the way home and asked me for directions, all in Spanish. Without even thinking, I knew exactly what he was asking, and answered him right away in Spanish where […]

Dining in Paris – A few tips!

The following is from David Lebovitz, a famous pastry chef who lives in Paris and has a wonderful food blog:  www.davidlebovitz.com Visiting and dining in Paris all boils down to one rule: How You Get Treated is Directly Proportional to the Way that you Behave and Present Yourself. So don’t be afraid to dress a […]

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