Thoughts from the road – Numbers game

1 former API student turned API “road warrior” on the road for 1 week,,, 3 states… 5 cappuccinos… 10 hotel towels…
18 boxes of API promotional materials…

Love & China; Q and A with Robin and Jeff

By Emlyn Lee, Founder February is full of love. Walk in to any shop or market, and you will see heart-shaped chocolates, pastries, flowers, and jewelry, prepared for Valentine’s Day. Ironically, Thursday is Chinese New Year, celebrating the year of the rabbit, and I owe my love for travel to my first international trip, teaching […]

The Gift Called Life

By Emlyn Lee, Founder “Life is a gift. If you do not value your gift, nobody else will.” This message was attached to my Yogi tea bag string, ironically, on the eve of my birthday. I come from a family string of gifted sisters that have high achievements within their personal and professional community, yet […]

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