Live Where Your Feet Are

It all started when I set a goal of finding something particular that is universal and I can capture in many of the places I visited. Once I arrived in Spain, I caught myself taking photos of the beautiful cobblestone in Toledo, and it hit me, I will capture floors. I am treading this ground, a soil so far from my California roots and, I came to understand, many of the streets and sidewalks are quirky and particular to the places that they provide for. And thus the ground became my subject – always used, often overlooked and in Europe, the designs are beautiful.

Riyals, Rials and Reality

Karen Alexander is the mother of API student, Madi Alexander. Madi spent spring semester abroad with API in Doha, Qatar and is currently abroad with API in Salamanca, Spain. Students who study abroad come from families across the full range of income levels. Likewise, the cost of studying abroad can vary widely depending on the country selected, the length […]

Take Some Risks

Karen Alexander is the mother of API student, Madi Alexander. Madi spent spring semester abroad with API in Doha, Qatar and is currently abroad with API in Salamanca, Spain. Feeding on Culture I grew up as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia, and feel that the opportunity to experience other cultures is one of life’s best […]

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