The Gift Called Life

By Emlyn Lee, Founder β€œLife is a gift. If you do not value your gift, nobody else will.” This message was attached to my Yogi tea bag string, ironically, on the eve of my birthday. I come from a family string of gifted sisters that have high achievements within their personal and professional community, yet […]

Thoughts From the Road – The Airport as a Destination

By: Chelsea K., University Relations Coordinator, API Texas (former API France/Rome/Syracuse Program Manager, and former API student in Grenoble, France: French Language & Culture Semester Program) I love airports. Everyone is rushing somewhere, full of mission and purpose. This enclosed space that bustles with a diverse cross section of society that completely contrasts the great […]

What MLK, Jr. & Boyz in the Hood Means to Me

By Emlyn Lee, Founder Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day! This is one of my favorite holidays, as he is my biggest hero. It is easy to be inspired by a leader that influenced the United States and much of this world with his nonviolent tactics for equality. Many of my personal and professional philosophies […]

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