On May 25th, high school seniors who are making the increasingly popular choice to take a gap year following high school graduation will have their day to shine. Students from across the country will take to social media to announce their gap year plans on the second annual #GapYearDecisionDay. You can learn more about this […]

Volunteer Profile: Shelby Willburn

This post comes to us from volunteer abroad program participant, Shelby Willburn. Shelby will be volunteering abroad in Chile with API. You can learn more about the program that Shelby is participating in here: https://www.apistudyabroad.com/experiential-programs/ Name: Shelby Willburn Home town: Canyon, Texas Hobbies: Playing with dogs, spending time with family, shopping for travel products and clothes, […]


Are you getting excited about #GoingToParis this summer?! Dreams of croissants and éclairs are starting to fill our heads too! The summer can’t come fast enough. We know you’re going start putting together your Pinterest-worthy outfits, testing your baguette-making skills, and getting your ~trendy~ luggage, so share your pics with us! We all want to […]

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