New High School Community Service Option in Cambodia

API is proud to relaunch our high school community service program in Southeast Asia as the “Service and Culture in Cambodia” program.


Rich in history and beauty, Cambodia offers a fascinating setting for summer service opportunities
in Southeast Asia. High school students ages 16-18 can spend two days exploring the splendor of Angkor Wat and other famous ancient temples, and fulfill service hours through once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as engaging with children in Cambodian village schools and monasteries.

Students will observe ancient Buddhist and Khmer traditions and learn about historical events that continue to impact the region. Through connecting with locals and observing the challenges faced by local communities, students will learn about the country’s painful past and current efforts to build a brighter future. Students will be touched by the warmth of the Khmer people and come home with a greater understanding of an extraordinary part of the world.

For further details on this new program, visit the API website and click on the High School programs tab.

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