Happy Earth Day! Details on API’s Spring Carbon Offset Project

Excellent work to the many API students who elected to make meaningful reductions in carbon dioxide through API’s carbon offset program! In partnership with our offset provider, Carbon Clear, API students invested in a unique project that creates reductions in carbon offests in Brazil. These reductions offset emissions that result from air travel by API students.brazilmap

The project is located in Manaus, the State of Amazonas, in Brazil and involves switching fuels to a renewable source at two small ceramics factories. Each factory has been retrofitted to enable sustainable biomass, waste wood and sawdust to be burned as fuel to heat brick kilns. Prior to the investment into this technology, native wood was used as the fuel source, felled from the Amazon rainforest.

The project’s key environmental benefits include preventing deforestation and loss of biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest. This is particularly important for the project area because, at the project’s location, wood harvested for fuel from the Amazon is a key driver to deforestation. Further, in addition to greenhouse gas reductions associated with burning waste fuel over native virgin wood, one of the factories has installed a chimney filter to reduce atmospheric emissions, improving air quality in the region.

brazil biomass projectFrom a social standpoint, the project improves livelihoods by providing employment benefits to workers, such as health insurance, and access to food staples. Additional investments have been made into education and capacity building courses for workers and community members.

Because of these strong social aspects, this project is one of only a handful on the market today that is certified to both the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the SOCIAL CARBON Standard. SOCIAL CARBON goes beyond traditional carbon credit requirements in that it measures a range of social, human, biodiversity, financial and natural factors affecting communities where emission reductions projects are located, and requires that project managers demonstrate continuous improvement over time.brazil biomass project 2

The offset credits funded by our student contributions have been officially retired in an independent third party offset registry maintained by Carbon Clear. Doing this helps to ensure the avoidance of double counting. Both Carbon Clear’s carbon credit registry and financial accounts are independently reviewed on an annual basis. To learn more about API’s carbon offset program, please visit our website.

Carbon Clear is a world leader in carbon management and one of the world’s largest retail providers of carbon offset credits. To learn more about Carbon Clear and their practices, visit their website at http://www.carbon-clear.com


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