API’s Spring 2016 Carbon Offset Project

API is thrilled to announce the success of our voluntary carbon offset program based on 2015 student participation. In mappartnership with Carbon Clear, API’s program provides students the opportunity to address the environmental impact of their air travel abroad.

For this session, student contributions went to support the Landfill Gas Capture project in Winchester County, Virginia (on the I-81 between Strausburg and Hagerstown). The project prevents gases produced from landfill waste from entering the atmosphere by capturing and destroying the methane that results as organic waste decomposes. Importantly, the greenhouse gas methane is 25 times more potent in the atmosphere as compared to carbon dioxide. More recently, generators were installed to convert the captured methane into renewable electricity, and now the project produces 15,000 MWh each year, replacing the equivalent of fossil fuels on the grid.

Aside from the displacement of fossil fuel use, the project’s activity results in social benefits to the local community. For example, the project reduces odors near the landfill site and employs a local staff to manage and monitor the capture and flare technologies. Finally, the project has been promoted as a best practice project when it comes to landfill gas capture and has won awards through the EPA for its accomplishments.

ccThe offset credits funded by our student contributions have been officially retired in an offset registry account maintained by Carbon Clear. Both Carbon Clear’s carbon credit registry and financial accounts are independently reviewed on an annual basis. Where they exist, the company uses independent third party registries to hold and retire their credits. This further assures legitimacy and avoidance of double counting offsets.

To learn more about API’s carbon offset program, visit our website.

Carbon Clear is a world leader in carbon management and one of the world’s largest providers of carbon offset credits. To learn more about Carbon Clear and their practices, visit their website at http://www.carbon-clear.com

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