API’s carbon offset program gets underway!

API is proud to announce the successful kick-off of our new carbon offset program in which many spring 2011 students participated. Offered in partnership with Carbon Clear, this program provides students the chance to address the environmental impact of their study abroad travel.

India Metro Rail Project

There were several projects that were available in our offset portfolio, but ultimately the funds contributed to a very cool project in India that involves replacing the traditional braking systems on metro rail cars with rheostatic brakes, which generate electricity during the braking process, much like a Toyota Prius. The electricity generated is then used to either power the trains, or it is fed to the electricity grid, displacing the need for carbon-intensive powered generation from the grid. From a social perspective, the project benefits transit riders by reducing air pollution inside the tunnels and platform stations, and introduces a new technology to the Indian transit sector. This project is certified to the VCS standard, and has recently gained CDM certification.

The offset credits funded by our student contributions have been officially retired in an offset registry maintained by Carbon Clear. Both Carbon Clear’s carbon credit registry and financial accounts are independently reviewed on an annual basis. Where they exist, the company uses independent third-party registries to hold and retire their carbon credits. This assures that the offsets are legitimate, and cannot be resold.

To learn more about API’s carbon offset program, visit our website.

Carbon Clear is a world leader in carbon management and one of the world’s largest providers of carbon offset credits. To learn more about Carbon Clear and their practices and portfolio, visit their website at http://www.carbon-clear.com/us.

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