API in Scotland – Heriot-Watt University Success

API is excited that Heriot-Watt University, one of API’s study abroad locations in Edinburgh, Scotland, has had some recent international success!

Here’s an excerpt from the university newsletter:

Heriot-Watt’s global status has been underlined by our highest ever ranking in the QS World University Rankings, rising to 318th in the world, up from 352 last year. This is Heriot-Watt’s highest position to date in any international ranking, and particularly pleasing in a league table which is itself becoming increasingly prominent.

The leap in the University’s ranking relates to measurable improvements in the University’s performance and is also influenced by changes in QS weighting and methodologies. Professor Julian Jones, Vice-Principal, said, “This is a tremendous result for Heriot-Watt as a global player, and reflects the efforts of colleagues at all levels of the University, in the UK and abroad.”

API is proud to work with Heriot-Watt as a leader of global education and represents a fantastic opportunity to any student looking to become a global citizen. Students who choose to study abroad at this university have the opportunity to take classes alongside locals as well as other international students from over 130 countries worldwide! This program is a great fit for many students, especially STEM students, business students, as well as students intrigued by the university’s famous brewing and distillery program, or the world’s second oldest Textiles and Design department.

For more information on this program, feel free to visit the program page!

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