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Brisbane’s charms are evident: the arts, the cafes, the bars, the weather, the old Queenslander houses, the go-get-’em attitude…The river’s organic convolutions carve the city into a patchwork of urban villages, each with a distinct style and topography: bohemian, low-lying West End; hip, hilltop Paddington; exclusive, peninsular New Farm; prim, pointy Kangaroo Point. Move from village to village and experience Queensland’s diverse, eccentric, happening capital.                            -Lonely Planet

This week, Stephanie Jackson from Griffith University in Australia visited the API office to share some great information and photos about the university! Griffith University, having campuses in both Brisbane and Gold Coast, is a fantastic fit for almost any student! The subject area opportunities are nearly endless and have several areas ranked in the top 150 universities worldwide – including business, criminology, computer science/IT, environmental science, as well as art and design.

API students take classes on one of the Griffith University campus located in either Brisbane or Gold Coast. Students live and attend class on the campus that contains their classes. However, both Brisbane and Gold Coast each have something unique to offer students beyond top-notch academics. Called “Surfer’s Paradise,” Gold Coast is a city built along the coast (obviously) and the university campus is only a short tram ride away from the beach. A multicultural hub of cafes, parklands, and art museums – Lonely Planet named Brisbane the “hippest city in Australia” in 2014. Two of the Brisbane campuses are tucked into the forest so it’s not a strange sight to see a koala on the way to class!

Griffith University, both in Brisbane and Gold Coast, along with API, provides several opportunities for study abroad students to get to know the local communities as well as other international students and locals. “Griffith Mates”, international clubs, and university-hosted study abroad student events are all great ways for students to reach out to local Aussie students as well as other international students. Griffith also offers an internship addition for an NGO or community outreach organization, meant to help students volunteer and get involved in the local community. This is completely optional but is first-come, first-serve so interested students are encouraged to apply early for this opportunity.

Cafe-culture, koalas, and great academics- what more do you need from a study abroad program? For more information on this particular program, please visit the program page!


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