First impressions of Vietnam, part I

It’s so hot and it’ll always be hot and only heat exists and I never stop sweating because it’s so hot. Vietnam is a tropical area. I definitely knew this some weeks ago, but didn’t really appreciate it. It is hot when you wake up. It is hot while you teach. It is hot when […]

Getting Ready

There is a big jump between the initial declaration of a life change and the everyday action of its reality. When I decided to move to Vietnam to be a teacher, I had plenty of experience in the international education field, a lot of enthusiasm, and very little idea of what to expect. In some […]

My Interview Process

Preparing for an interview is always a bit stressful. Practicing answering questions, gleaning experiences from your resume, and working on your introduction are both exciting and a bit nerve-wrecking. Going into my interview for the teacher position through API was, in some ways, like any other interview. However, it was also quite unique. Probably the […]

“To Begin, Begin.” – Wordsworth

“TO BEGIN, BEGIN.” -WORDSWORTH Hello and welcome to my blog – a place to share stories and adventures to those far away and close to home. My name is Lucas McCamon, a recent graduate from Oklahoma State University, about two weeks away from my new life teaching English in the city of Vinh, Vietnam. All […]

Summer Art Programs

Even though it may not feel like it for many around the country, summer program deadlines are not that far away (nor is summer itself)! For those looking for a summer art program abroad, API offers the following options: For more art fun, follow API’s Art Abroad Pinterest Board. College Study Abroad Programs API offers […]

Inspirational Vietnamese Friends

In my duties as an English teacher in Vietnam, I am sometimes asked to help some highly experienced students or professionals complete their applications for postgraduate research and scholarships at universities in Australia or the US. Today, I spent the afternoon with an extraordinarily talented agricultural scientist from Vinh University who, with her team of […]

Yummy Grub, Coffee Shops and Karaoke

  One of the most fun culinary experiences in Vietnam is the “hot pot” which is a combination of fresh meat, noodles, fish and vegetables all cooked in a large boiling pot of broth and enjoyed communally by everyone at the table. Yesterday morning, I was lucky enough to be invited to a hot pot […]