Pedestrians in Beanies

I have been in Ireland for 76 days and I’m finally starting to learn how to navigate traffic. It’s very disorienting having cars going the opposite way that they are normally going; so usually I wait at a stop light for ages just to make extra sure that I won’t get hit by a Hyundai […]

November Rains

November in Ireland means rain. It has rained almost every single day since the month started, and I’m getting the feeling that I should probably start preparing for the downpours. I have no gear that is made to protect me from rain, so most of the time when I go out, I come home damp. […]

Pea Coats, Paintings and Public Transportation

Autumn has definitely arrived in Ireland. It wouldn’t be that bad at all if it wasn’t for the wind. It slices through you like a lightsaber; instead of cutting off limbs, it just chills you to the bone. The good news is that I have been able to utilize my pea coat. I got my […]

Soon I’ll Be There

I’ve been waiting for a while, but it’s been camouflaged by the summertime. My friends were all back from college and so there was catching up to do and things to distract me from my inevitable adventure. The days passed and the anticipation grew but I had work and the World Cup to keep me […]

Overcoming the challenges of study abroad

By: Gabrielle Langmann – API Tuscania Peer Mentor Gabrielle is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, and studied with API at Lorenzo de’Medici – the Italian International Institute in Tuscania, Italy during the summer 2010 term. “It’s just like riding a bike; you’ll never forget!” As I was preparing myself for my study abroad […]

Demystifying French Cuisine

In the United States, stereotypes of French cuisine conjure up images of frog legs, snails, and unpleasantly smelly cheeses, foods that most Americans would never want to find on their plates come dinner time. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding.

A Pre-Med’s Guide to Study Abroad

During my time as an API Peer Mentor, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about why a college student should study abroad—in other words, “What can studying abroad do for me?” Sometimes, my answers are quite simple: studying abroad opens your mind to an entirely different way of life, teaches you to adapt to new and perhaps uncomfortable situations, and prepares you for whatever career you choose to go into.

Wait a second—say what?!

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