This last weekend, I went to Switzerland with three of my roommates. Some of us hiked, skydived, and even went zip lining. Now, after getting to the hostel at 6:00am from Florence and waking up at 8:30am to get ready, an idea came to mind that I have always known about and that idea became […]


On my way back to Florence after a memorable fall break, I got stuck in the Paris airport because my first flight got delayed. After the end of a long time in the airport, I see a girl I met at Oktoberfest in the airport and she told me that she had to go back […]

Staying Present

In my last post I talked about how the environment influences everyone. In this post I want to talk about the emotional states that we all experience when we study abroad and staying present in the moment for what we experience. From confusing to excitement to lonely, everyone will experience those states. So, onto the […]

How Does The Environment That We Place Ourselves In Shape Us?

Truthfully, the demographic and geographic environment that a person places themselves in has a constant influence on that person in terms of body language, thought processes, and so on. For most the students studying abroad with me, they have had to make two locational shifts in the past few years when they first moved to […]

Novel Situations Provide Novel Memories

How does properly framing your expectations influence the outcome of your life events? This is both a question and an idea that has bothered me whenever I have had personal goals that I wanted to achieve and when I thought about travel. First off, by framing I mean how a person constructs their mindset for […]

No One Wants To Talk About Homesickness

No one wants to talk about homesickness. We avoid the subject because it feels misleading. It creates an impression that we are not having the time of our lives. We are. It sneaks up on you, lightning on a sunny summer day. There’s no real way to describe it—only to experience the shock that comes […]

Berlin: A Cultural Crossroads

| Berlin in One Word | My first week in Berlin in one word: eye-opening. The city is so supremely hipster, it’s kind of incredible. The main place you’ll notice this is on the train. Those in their twenties look like they dove into an Urban Outfitters catalog dawning black clothing from head to toe, […]

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