When in Rome…

To put it simply, Rome was amazing. It’s also a city that you can see the majority of it/the hotspots in just a weekend which worked perfectly in my favor. We departed Barcelona at 4:30 am by a bus which brought us to the airport and from here we began our quick journey to Rome. […]

Trekking with Carl: Unique Perspectives on Granada

One of the joys of studying abroad is that you have the time to get to know a place. You might start with the most famous attractions, but you will inevitably discover places that are special to you for reasons known only to you. This post is about some of the places in Granada that […]

Never Take A Moment For Granted

Staring at the date displayed on my phone screen, I thought I must be hallucinating. There was no way it could already be this late into June, because that meant I only had four days left in Italy before I had to hop on a plane back to the United States. Five weeks had never […]

Excursion To Verona, Italy

This weekend, API took us on a weekend trip to Padua, Venice, and Verona. All three of these places were gorgeous, but I think I may have left a piece of my heart in Verona. The Sunday that we set out for Verona didn’t start out looking very promising. The city had found a bomb […]

Trekking Through Spain With Carl Forgo: Magnificent Madrid

Hola from Spain! This is Carl Forgo reporting to you en route to Granada, Spain, where I will be learning Spanish, getting to know new friends, soaking up the culture, and hopefully sneaking in a few hikes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Before heading to Granada, however, the API group met up in Madrid for […]

So Far, So Good!

Since the first time I visited Europe (going into high school), I knew I wanted to study abroad. Since the first time I visited Spain (my senior year of high school), I knew I wanted to study abroad here! Even though I’ve always known that this is something I wanted to do, it’s still surreal […]

Lessons Learned While Abroad

Usually when I wake up and check my phone, I don’t get as upset as I got this morning. When I woke up, it was after a long night which including our API “Farewell” dinner, so obviously people were emotional. On top of that, I woke up officially a senior in college since I was […]

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