4 Things You Have to Do in Switzerland

Switzerland! Where do I begin? What a relaxing and beautiful place. I loved it. This trip was unlike any of my other trips so far. I visited Interlaken, so the whole town seemed to revolve around outdoorsy activities like hiking, paragliding, and walking…it’s like the Colorado or Vermont of Europe. Because Interlaken is very small, […]

High on Life in the Altitude of the Alps

The past week officially marked the halfway point of my time here. It feels like it has been much longer than that since I left Green Bay and have seen my family, but at the same time it seems like just yesterday I was meeting all of the people here I now call my friends […]

Sky High in Switzerland

Finally, I got a chance to escape the intense heat of the Italian sun and jet off to Geneva. We landed midday and after a quick transfer at the foothills of the Alps to Interlaken, we made camp in a small trailer, our vacation rental. Camping at home is something that never fails to make […]

Switzerland and the Mountain Hostel

One of the many perks of studying abroad in Seville, Spain is the second spring break we get during the week of Feria which is a festival of April (this year in May). Two friends and I took advantage of this 10 day break to travel to Geneva, Interlaken, Munich, Prague, and Paris. Although all […]

4 Countries in 8 Days or Less

If you’re anything like me, the idea of country hopping is beyond exciting. Before I ever came to study abroad in Spain, I knew I’d want to take one big trip and see more of Europe. Finding the right travel companions for such an endeavor isn’t something easy, and making the decision of where to […]

Best Of Both Worlds

During this past weekend, I had the very fortunate experience of visiting my friend and teammate, Molly in Grenoble, France. Like me, Molly is studying abroad for a semester and has had the time of her life experiencing the new culture and making new friends with the locals. While in France, Molly and I hiked […]

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