New Academic Credit Option for API International Internships!

API is very excited to announce our new collaboration with Siena College to offer academic credit for the API Internship Program starting in January 2017. Available with our 8-Week Fixed Date Internship Program, students will have the option of enrolling in a specially-designed internship course, allowing them the opportunity to earn 6 credits as a […]

Coming Out and Studying Abroad

In recognition of LGBTQ Pride Month (June) and an ongoing commitment to fostering inclusive communities, a study abroad student shares their story: “Coming Out and Studying Abroad” I attend a small, rigorous college whose conservatism rivals only its academics. While I am thankful for the educational and future career opportunities it is providing, it was not […]

Running out of time

Is it really almost over? Where did the time go… and how? Was it fast, slow, or somewhere in between? 4 months have passed by and soon I´ll be sitting on a plane heading back home to Florida. A few weeks ago I was in a power struggle between feeling like I needed more time […]

Missing Sevilla

As the end of my time abroad draws near, I prepare myself to head home to the country that I’ve missed since I left it. But in doing so, I have to leave the country that I’ve fallen in love with. Among the things that I will miss about this country, and my city, Sevilla, are the […]

Being Sick While Studying Abroad

It’s about as much fun as it sounds. Being a girl who goes to school only an hour and a half away from home while in the states, I can basically ask my parents to come visit me any time I want. But, having not been sick at school before, I have no idea what […]

API Alumni Spotlight: Emmy Ciabattoni

 API’s alumni programs offer returned students a chance to engage with campus in exciting ways.  This blog series will highlight how alumni plan innovative events on campus and what they learn about themselves and their API experience along the way. Meet Emmy Ciabattoni, API Seville alumna, who is serving for a semester on her campus […]

9 Days, 3 Countries, and 1 Tired Girl

Ever since I first came to Europe two years ago, I have considered myself a traveler. As you could say, I “caught the bug.” My first trip to Europe lasted two weeks and I saw 4 countries, and at least 9 cities. This week-long trip should have been a walk in the park! I started […]