Closing out the Semester

After a four months of living in Spain, part of me does just want to go home. Yet, I find myself wishing I could stay in Salamanca for just a little while longer. Yes I do miss my home, my school, and my friends and family, but I was able to find all of that […]

Getting Homesick

Even with trips, events and activities happening almost constantly abroad, homesickness can still set in, and that’s perfectly okay! It’s just a matter of not letting it ruin the whole study abroad experience. For one, keeping busy does help to ward off homesickness because if you have different things to focus on, that truly require […]

Home Away From Home

Studying and living in a foreign country is exciting, but it can also sometimes be a little intimidating or overwhelming.  Having the right home abroad is an amazing way to help alleviate those feelings.  For me, living with a host family was the perfect housing choice, but for some students, residencias are the right choice. […]

Branching Out

When in a new place, especially somewhere where English is not the language, it is very tempting to just stick around with other Americans or even other international students from English speaking countries because it’s comfortable.  As difficult as it is to break the habit, it is necessary, especially if you want to get the […]

Take A Moment And Appreciate It

The chance to study abroad is an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that I recommend everybody take, but I do know that it is an opportunity that many students do not get to have for one reason or another. As such, it is important to be grateful for this amazing opportunity. One way in […]

Finding That Silver Lining

Not everything will go as planned, especially when you travel. Spur of the moment backup plans can be more than necessary, and one must always remember the Spanish motto: “no pasa nada.” On a small group trip to Portugal, the hostel accidentally got booked for the wrong night, so we showed up with no place […]

Are You Ever Really Ready?

I had been planning this semester abroad from about the time I started high school, and I let absolutely nothing stand in my way to get there, not even an ocean. For years, I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime that I didn’t want to miss out on. When the time finally came […]

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