A Day in the Life — Wednesday

After half a year in Vietnam, I figured it’d be appropriate to highlight what an average day looks like for me. I wrote out my schedule on a Wednesday this January. 7:15 AM. The morning sun is bright coming through the window and the city is already busy 6 floors below me. Motorbikes, buses, cars, […]


One of the many reasons why I chose Vietnam as the location to start my ESL journey was its ability to offer trips around Southeast Asia relatively easily and cheaply. This time, I was able to meet up with my brother, sister, and Dad, who all made the trip across the Pacific to accompany me […]

Travels in Hanoi

Earlier this month, I took my first days off of teaching since arriving in Vietnam in August (other than weekends). Two of my Vietnamese friends, Mai and Hoa, both had birthdays last week and we decided to take a short holiday to Hanoi in order to celebrate. We began late Sunday night, where we met at […]

Reflections on Three Months

I had a good friend stateside that reminded me that during an exchange, once the novelty wears off, growth truly begins. After 3 months in Vietnam, I think there’s a lot of truth in that sentiment. I’ve gotten into a groove here and have been able to focus inward on reflections of my goals, being […]

First impressions of Vietnam, part II

Football and food are universal. My favorite classes to teach so far are ones where we talk about the verbs “like” or “love” or “hate” in present tense. These are simple concepts, don’t have a ton of exceptions to their rules, and have infinite examples. Often, sports and food are brought up. We talk a […]

First impressions of Vietnam, part I

It’s so hot and it’ll always be hot and only heat exists and I never stop sweating because it’s so hot. Vietnam is a tropical area. I definitely knew this some weeks ago, but didn’t really appreciate it. It is hot when you wake up. It is hot while you teach. It is hot when […]

Getting Ready

There is a big jump between the initial declaration of a life change and the everyday action of its reality. When I decided to move to Vietnam to be a teacher, I had plenty of experience in the international education field, a lot of enthusiasm, and very little idea of what to expect. In some […]

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