Why Everyone Should Study Abroad

I was lucky to be able to have my parents visit me during my semester abroad. Being able to share the city I have fallen in love with was a special experience that I will never forget. Leading them through the streets of my host city made it clear to me that I have changed […]

A Piece of America on the Iberian Peninsula

I was not in Europe for very long before I realized that seeing new and beautiful places is not quite as exciting without having anybody to share it with.  Luckily though, I have made some great friends in Spain with whom I have been sharing countless memorable experiences.  The friends you make during your time […]

My Greatest Accomplishments Thus Far

Approximately fifty days have passed since I first stepped foot on Spanish soil. My program is halfway over, and I am already dreading the moment it comes to an end. I have learned plenty in my time here already, but with each new lesson, I am even more aware of how much further I have […]

One “Bom Dia” in Portugal

On our most recent API excursion we travelled to Lisbon, Portugal. This was only the second country I have ever been to outside of the United States and it was filled with discovery and new experiences. After seven or so hours of travelling, the bus erupted in cheers when we pulled up to a familiar […]

How to Make Time Stop: Spanish Style

Many Americans are accustomed to living in cities where it is neither easy nor convenient to walk from place to place. As someone who uses a car whenever I need to go somewhere, I was intrigued by the number of people in Sevilla who choose to bike or walk. At first, I attributed the number […]

Perderse: To Lose Oneself

My arrival in Spain was a whirlwind of jet lag, different cities, miles of walking, and brand new tapas. By the time my group finally arrived in Sevilla we were anxious to familiarize ourselves with the city that was to be our home for the next few months. Before I knew it I had met […]

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