Once You Have Traveled, The Voyage Never Ends

The other weekend I embarked on my final trips as a study abroad student in Barcelona, during which I ventured to Paris and Versailles, followed by Prague. I’m going to start off by clearing up a major misconception about Paris—you don’t have to go with a significant other in order to have fun in Paris […]

Lovin’ Lisbon

I was having lunch with one of my friends in lower Manhattan during my fall break in October, discussing places I should visit while I was studying abroad. My friend, Alex, who has traveled to most of Europe, Australia and Asia, was giving me her insight on the best places to travel to in Europe, […]

Surreal Moments

Studying abroad is full of surreal moments. When these moments occur, I often step back and take it all in because I never want to forget that I experienced it. I’d say I’ve experienced a surreal moment at least once in every place I’ve traveled to thus far. In Rome, when I stepped foot in […]

The Adventures Continued in London and Dublin

Hey everyone! So good news—I survived my trips to both London and Dublin, even though whether or not I’d make it back from London alive was a little questionable at times since I caught what I personally believe was the second coming of the plague. However, Abroadfest, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, […]

The Adventures of Studying Abroad

To say that studying abroad is an adventure would be an understatement. Students that are studying abroad are living in places that people hope to visit in their lifetime, and are surrounded by landmarks and attractions that people hope to see one day. We not only live in places such as these, but have the […]

First Week In Barcelona

Hey everyone! My name is Kendall and I’m currently studying abroad in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. I’ll be documenting all of my adventures I experience over the course of the next 4 months on this blog, so I hope you all enjoy! My study abroad experience began about a week ago when my […]

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