4 Countries in 8 Days or Less

If you’re anything like me, the idea of country hopping is beyond exciting. Before I ever came to study abroad in Spain, I knew I’d want to take one big trip and see more of Europe. Finding the right travel companions for such an endeavor isn’t something easy, and making the decision of where to […]

From Castles to Monasteries

I tried not to let my breathing get heavy as my feet struggled to find balance on the rocky path. Ten miles through rugged Spanish landscape certainly wasn’t a walk through Hyde Park or anything, but as rolling hills met unabashed mountains, I couldn’t help but drag behind to catch longer glances at the passing […]

Beyond Expectations

I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe I expected a crowded street with exotic shops lining the corners, music pouring in from the surrounding area. I tried to keep expectations out of my imagination before going to Morocco, but I think sometimes that’s unavoidable, even if I didn’t realize I’d done it. I didn’t expect […]

Just an Illusion

My hair whipped wildly around me, my curls twisting against the Irish wind. The ocean stretched out lazily amidst the afternoon sun, and the enormous, jagged cliffs met the sea proudly. My hands grip the railing tighter as my chest swells with each breath of chilly air, and it hits me. It nearly doesn’t feel […]

The Fish Ish: Finding Refuge at Barcelona’s Boquería Market

As a somewhat picky eater, I knew I might be in for an uphill battle when coming to Sevilla. I had been told to expect fish aplenty, was warned that my beloved fresh fruits and vegetables might be hard to come by. Seville certainly lived up to its reputation. After two months at the mercy […]


Confession I love London. There, I said it. Seville, you’ll have to forgive me for loving another city, but my heart is big enough for both of you. I can’t quite put into words why London holds a special place in my heart. For some inexplicable reason, I always seem to be happy when I’m […]


I can’t deny that I was nervous. My roommate and I had walked somewhere between thirty or forty minutes to the bus station, and I wondered how many people would show up for our little excursion. After a fairly painless half hour or so of meeting up with our friends and finding the right bus, […]

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