Why We Do it Wednesday- Hannah Grahek

API employees work tirelessly in the U.S. and abroad to serve our participants and ensure they have the best international experience possible. At API, we all share stories of personal transformation by international experience- we remember our first days abroad, our first meals, and our first international flights. We have these stories of transformation in […]

My golden semester – 3 cities in Italy

The vivid memory of early mornings spent in the auditorium scribbling down bucket list travels during lectures. Semester after semester staring at the same projector screen flipping through timeless architecture across the globe. The pictures though, can’t portray the feeling of these places; only a fraction of imagery. Italy continuously made it’s point, to come […]

Spring 2016 #iSpyAPI Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Spring 2016 #iSpyAPI contest! We asked our Spring 2016 students abroad to tag their favorite abroad photos with #iSpyAPI. After reviewing hundreds of great student photos from this past semester, we have selected our group of winners! We’ll be sharing the winners and some of our favorite #iSpyAPI photo submissions on social media […]

Volunteering Abroad

After I spent a few weeks in Florence, I felt this intangible need to give back in some capacity. Throughout my experience leading up to that moment, I felt that I was lucky to be living a dream. When I went to visit the API office I had a very specific idea in mind: I […]

The Tuscan Life and the Final Stretch

Ooh, boy – are classes heating up! It’s hard to believe that we have a little over a month left in the semester; you can definitely tell by the amount of homework that’s piling on. I feel like group projects and final papers are being thrown at me left and right! However, it’s nothing I […]

Czech into Prague

For students studying abroad in Europe, Bus2Alps is a popular travel agency to go through for pre-planned trips. Whether it’s a getaway day, weekend or week-long adventure, the itineraries are set to give students a safe and cheap way to experience multiple European countries. The company organizes your travel, overnight accommodations and various guided tours. […]

Two Weekends, Two Cities

These past two weeks have flown by for me! I have finally ventured out of Italy and taken on two new countries: the Czech Republic and Spain. Both trips were outstanding and I got to spend some time with both old friends and new. The weekend before last, I visited Prague in the Czech Republic. […]

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