July Internship Program Deadlines Extended


API is pleased to announce that the deadlines for the following July internship programs (summer session 2) have been extended to March 15, 2015: Barcelona, Spain Buenos Aires, Argentina Dublin, Ireland Santiago, Chile Seville, Spain Note: API also offers flex date internship options throughout the year with start dates offered twice per month. Application deadlines for these flex date […]

Edinburgh: You’re A Wizard, Harry

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.06.32 PM

I visited Hogwarts this week! I walked up and down the streets of Diagon Alley, I saw the cemetery where Lily and James Potter are buried, I saw pictures of the Hogwarts Express, and I even saw the school sitting up on the hill! Okay, okay… I saw J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for it all, at […]

I amsterdam

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 2.27.59 PM

I took a huge step this past week; I made my first international excursion without the aid of my parents! Now, I didn’t say the trip went entirely without a hitch…. I accidentally left my passport at the hostel on the journey back to Ireland and didn’t realize it until an hour and a half […]

A Trip To Belfast

One side of the Bombay Street/Cupar Way wall…

Let’s add a little context to this blog post, shall we? I am on an active search to find a spot of sanctuary in this vast city- somewhere to duck into and pass several enjoyable hours working. Today, I’m tucked away on the second floor of Kaph on Drury Street in the Creative Quarter of […]

Oh, Blarney!


Do you remember your first kiss? The first kiss I got yesterday gave me more than just butterflies in my stomach; it bestowed on me the gift of eloquence, or as some call it, the gift of talking your way out of anything (why do you think the Irish are known as such charmers)! Yes […]



I made it! I am here in Galway, Ireland. The ride from Boston was easy, no hassle at all, as the Irish say. Getting settled in has been a bit more of a challenge because of the scheduling of classes, finding my bearings, and dealing with phone and bank issues, but I have tried to […]

Redrawing Your Path

My route home from Rathmines via the Grand Canal walkway. The swans, seagulls, and other birds are not shy of travelers.

The one thing you will never accurately read on a study abroad blog is a testimonial about how easy it is. The choice to pick yourself up and find a second home in a foreign environment is akin to pulling a seedling plant from the soil and placing it in a rockier part of a […]