Aspire by API Spring 2015 Semester Gap Program Deadlines Extended


The following programs with deadlines of October 15th have been extended to October 30th: Barcelona, Spain Language and Culture (University of Barcelona) Cork, Ireland Direct Enrollment (University College Cork, National University of Ireland) Dublin, Ireland Direct Enrollment (University College Dublin) Grenoble, France Intensive Language Studies (Centre Universitaire D’Études Françaises (CUEF) Université Stendhal – Grenoble III) [...]

API Spring 2015 Study Abroad Deadlines Extended – Part 2


The following programs with deadlines of October 15th have been extended to October 30th: 3 Cities, Italy (Tuscania, Rome, Venice) Semester Program (Lorenzo de’Medici: The Italian International Institute) Barcelona, Spain Language and Culture (University of Barcelona) Bilbao, Spain Business, International Relations, and Spanish Language (University of Deusto) Spanish Language and Culture (University of Deusto) Studio Arts (University [...]

The Versatility of the Potato

Saint Patricks Seminary on south campus

You know when you go somewhere and everything feels different? And you don’t really know how you will fit in? And maybe you feel a little lonely in this new place? Well, that is not how Ireland feels. From the second I stepped down on this laid-back, pint-wielding country, I felt like I belonged here. [...]

Soon I’ll Be There


I’ve been waiting for a while, but it’s been camouflaged by the summertime. My friends were all back from college and so there was catching up to do and things to distract me from my inevitable adventure. The days passed and the anticipation grew but I had work and the World Cup to keep me [...]

A Little Piece of Forever


As I’m sitting here in this airport, I look about the red, white and blue-carpeted floors and think of America and who we really are as a nation. We are made up of a multicultural diverse melting pot of ideas, values, traditions, people, and places. Not one person walking this Earth is the same and [...]

A Long Awaited Adventure


The night before I started on my adventure in Ireland I was extremely excited… but also incredibly nervous. Unable to go to sleep, I fussed in my bed. I was anxious about meeting new people, getting along in a new country by myself, and having a disappointing trip. But the momentum of this journey and [...]

Good evening from the beautiful landscapes of Ireland!!


From waking up this morning, to arriving at the Shannon Airport for the very first time, I can conclude that this week has been a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. Just last Sunday morning, I boarded a plane to what I hoped would be the adventure of a lifetime. I stepped up and faced so [...]