A Little Piece of Forever


As I’m sitting here in this airport, I look about the red, white and blue-carpeted floors and think of America and who we really are as a nation. We are made up of a multicultural diverse melting pot of ideas, values, traditions, people, and places. Not one person walking this Earth is the same and [...]

A Long Awaited Adventure


The night before I started on my adventure in Ireland I was extremely excited… but also incredibly nervous. Unable to go to sleep, I fussed in my bed. I was anxious about meeting new people, getting along in a new country by myself, and having a disappointing trip. But the momentum of this journey and [...]

Good evening from the beautiful landscapes of Ireland!!


From waking up this morning, to arriving at the Shannon Airport for the very first time, I can conclude that this week has been a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. Just last Sunday morning, I boarded a plane to what I hoped would be the adventure of a lifetime. I stepped up and faced so [...]

A Goodbye To Galway


I’ll be honest. The procrastination of writing this last blog post has been epic. And it’s not that I’ve been too lazy, it’s just that this last post feels like an unwelcome finality of some sort—a finality signifying the end of this amazing experience. My last official day in Galway was May 15th. However, the [...]

API, Abroad, and Advocating, O my!

Spending time abroad is one the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done. It made me learn so much about myself and about other cultures around Europe. Returning from being abroad can be a hard transition for some, and even harder to put into words. Everyone asks “How was abroad?!”, and it’s really hard to come [...]

Cheers To a Weekend in London!


A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I finally got around to making the quick jump across the pond for a three day London vacation! Okay, maybe vacation isn’t exactly the best word considering how busy we were, but we did have the time of our lives; and even though we fit a lot [...]

API Fall and Year Study Abroad Deadlines Extended – Part 1

study abroad with API

API is pleased to announce that the following fall and academic year study abroad program deadlines have been extended or are still open. Don’t miss your opportunity to study abroad this fall – Pompeu Fabra University Hispanic and European Studies Program – FALL AND YEAR deadline extended to May 15, 2014 Barcelona, Spain – Universidad de [...]