My Summer in Paris

I have always been infatuated with both art and travel, and last summer, I chose to expand my passion and travel to Parsons Paris for their three-and-a-half week summer intensive program. Carefree and ready to get out of the States, I ventured to Paris for the summer without knowing one single person or even the […]

When in Rome…

To put it simply, Rome was amazing. It’s also a city that you can see the majority of it/the hotspots in just a weekend which worked perfectly in my favor. We departed Barcelona at 4:30 am by a bus which brought us to the airport and from here we began our quick journey to Rome. […]

An Opportunity That Will Change You For The Better

One of the hardest challenges for me was that even though I know basic Italian (I took two semesters at my home university), talking with the locals proved a challenge because of their accent and rapid talking both in English and Italian. I overcame that by asking them to slow down because I was deaf […]

Death & Glory. Photos From Rome, Italy.

Zeus was the only one who could have awoken me from the continent-hopping, beer swilling, urban trekking, adrenaline-crash induced coma that I fell into on my first night in Italy. Luckily for me he was on the job today, covering Rome with charcoal colored clouds, pounding rain and booming thunder claps that rattled my hotel […]

Beautiful & Dangerous: The Macchina Di Santa Rosa Festival in Viterbo, Italy.

Beautiful and Dangerous The city is crackling with anticipation and excitement. An air of tension, and a mounting sense of celebration, fills the alleys, corridors and piazzas where thousands of people begin to amass. This is Viterbo’s tribute to Santa Rosa, their patron saint. This annual event is celebrated by the transportation of the Macchina […]

The City Is Alive Tonight: Processione Di Santa Maria. Tuscania, Italy.

My phone is ringing on a Sunday night as I sit in a small neighborhood restaurant amongst chatty locals and happy families. I’m smiling to myself, reminiscing about the the past weekend’s events at Lago Bolsena and Viterbo. “Who would be calling me at this hour?” I wonder. It is my good friend Rifeldo, and […]

Ask, And You Shall Receive: Tuscania, Italy.

I have been in Tuscania for a couple months now, and some days still feel like a dream. Every corner I come around holds a new vision of simple beauty and timeless dignity. Nestled in the Lazio region, between Rome and Tuscany, Tuscania s history dates back to the Etruscan era over 2000 years ago. […]

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