Staying Connected

Back two and a half weeks and I have been in touch (via Facebook or Skype) with my friends in Guate every day! Every single day, I have changed my language to think in, write and speak Spanish! How awesome! Antigua is a city full of tourists and for the locals it can be easy […]

Encountering Poverty at Ground Level

The boy’s arms were covered with pieces of paper depicting food. He had just taken them down from a giant poster of a clay jar, divided into food groups. These students from La Salle private school were presenting about proper nutrition to the group of over 30 women, many with young children by their sides. […]

International Group Service Trips

Cultural Embrace by API is happy to announce our 2013 Group Service Trips! Interested participants can choose from a diverse set of options, including: 1-week or 2-week group service group trips to Guatemala in January, spring break, and over the summer (multiple date options) A 2-week summer group service trip to South Africa (June 9 […]

Video Blog: Living and Teaching in Guatemala

By Jerzy, Teaching with Cultural Embrace in Guatemala

Volunteer abroad in Guatemala and Thailand with Cultural Embrace by API

Cultural Embrace by API is excited to announce its summer 2012 volunteer trips to Guatemala and Thailand! The program in Guatemala will be offered in one, two, three, and four-week increments, and will feature a mix of service projects, Spanish lessons, and cultural activities. The program in Thailand will be offered in two and four-week […]

Photo Blog: Volcano Hike in Guatemala

By Jerzy, Teaching with Cultural Embrace in Guatemala


By Jerzy, Teaching in Guatemala