And Now, Please Welcome, The Grateful Bread


Paella is often known as the classic traditional dish of Spain, but I would argue that there is another food even more intrinsic to the culture: bread. I read a blog post that quoted a statistic that the average Spaniard consumes a kilo (about 2.2 pounds) of bread every day. Another article on Spanish bread […]

The Olives Don’t Taste as Pretty as They Look


It’s always a precarious thing to try to imagine how a place is going to be before you get there. For example, when embarking on a ten-hour bus ride from Chumphon to Bangkok, Thailand one might imagine arriving at a bus station with windows and doors and a nice Thai person to direct you to […]

Lost in Granada: a misadventure

Joy is a choice and happiness is a feeling. One thing I’ve learned to accept while traveling is that everything will not always go according to plan. In each of these moments, we have two clear choices: complain about it or choose to be joyful. Of course that is much easier said than done, and […]

API Spring 2015 Study Abroad Deadlines Extended – Part 2


The following programs with deadlines of October 15th have been extended to October 30th: 3 Cities, Italy (Tuscania, Rome, Venice) Semester Program (Lorenzo de’Medici: The Italian International Institute) Barcelona, Spain Language and Culture (University of Barcelona) Bilbao, Spain Business, International Relations, and Spanish Language (University of Deusto) Spanish Language and Culture (University of Deusto) Studio Arts (University […]

Taking Time To Feel The Rhythm of España


When it comes to music, timing is pretty key. But when it comes to flamenco, it’s all about the passion. This weekend I got to explore Granada, a lovely Andalusian gem situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in southern Spain. Besides its breathtaking views, succulent seafood, vibrant Arabic shops, warm smiles, […]

España Thus Far…

Güejar Collage (Picture 5)

My first three weeks in Spain have been a whirlwind of tapas, travel, siestas and new friends. The seventeen students in the early start version of our program have already jived in a way I could never have anticipated. None of us knew each other before meeting in the Madrid airport, but the process of […]

Where Are They Now: Liana Cramer


Where have you been in the world since your last API program? The three incredible summers I spent with API in Granada, Salamanca, and Paris set me up for a college career defined by travel. During my junior year, I returned to France to study at the Political Science Institute of Paris, during which time […]