Granada, A Lover of My Past


Granada has not left me, nor will I ever leave her. It has been a year since I departed from the most beautiful woman in the world; her name was Granada, Spain. Not a single hour since has gone by in which I have not thought of her. I shamelessly waste hours browsing through pictures [...]

API Study Abroad Deadline Extensions – Fall 14 and Year 14-15

Now that most API study abroad deadlines have passed, we are once again happy to offer deadline extensions for many of our upcoming fall 2014 and academic year 2014-2015 programs. The following programs with deadlines of June 10th have been extended to June 24th: Caen, France French Language and Culture (Centre d’Enseignement du Français pour Étrangers [...]

Movies, the Metro, Mobile Phones and Other Musings


One of the most comforting aspects of living in Madrid is that although it contains many signs of being a typical Spanish city (legs of jamón everywhere, the constant chatter of castellano, the minefields of dog poop that are Spanish sidewalks), it has enough “at home” comforts to dilute the severity of my occasional fits [...]