What You Won’t Think Of When You Hear The Word “Oktoberfest”

Oktoberfest is typically known for its steins of beer, lederhosens and dirndls, sausages the size and length of a small child’s arm and the enormous extravagantly decorated beer tents that could fit thousands of people. Most individuals who do attend the festival would come back and rave to their peers about how many steins they […]

Berlin: A Cultural Crossroads

| Berlin in One Word | My first week in Berlin in one word: eye-opening. The city is so supremely hipster, it’s kind of incredible. The main place you’ll notice this is on the train. Those in their twenties look like they dove into an Urban Outfitters catalog dawning black clothing from head to toe, […]

Ich Vermisse Dich Deutschland

My first week of being home was amazing. The relief of being surrounded by the familiar was a convenience I hadn’t realized I kind of missed. I could go back to the days of auto piloting without having to consider if I was on the right street or in which direction I should be going. […]

A Trip To Munich

As we drew closer to the airport for landing in Munich, Germany I could only see green plains and fields for miles out my window. There were barely any roads and the ones I did see barely had any cars on them. Once we got into our taxi to head to our hostel, I just […]

The Pergamon Museum

I’ve lived in Berlin for four months now and while there are still a plethora of other places I want to see in Berlin, I can say that I’ve pretty much made it through my list I came to Germany with. I’ve seen the East Side Gallery, Tiergarten, walked through the numerous stalls at Mauer […]

Getting Out And Exploring

There are many times in Berlin when I’m tired beyond all belief and other times were when I’m so filled with energy I can’t concentrate properly. Those are the days I find myself itching to get out and do something, anything. When I first arrived in Berlin, while I wasn’t afraid to go explore by […]

The Cologne Cathedral and Conquering Fears

My plans for Valentine’s weekend had originally been very typical. I was going to buy some fine German chocolate and spend a nice weekend in with my Netflix account. A week before my plans became finalized, a fellow peer mentioned going to Cologne, Germany to attend an event called Karneval and to just explore the […]