A (Semi) Poetic Rendition of my European Break

I never realized how different each country in Europe is from one another until I travelled to three of them. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had the privilege of discovering and exploring Germany, Denmark, and England. Before becoming an amateur world-traveller, I naively thought that jumping from country to country in Europe […]

Spring 2016 #iSpyAPI Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Spring 2016 #iSpyAPI contest! We asked our Spring 2016 students abroad to tag their favorite abroad photos with #iSpyAPI. After reviewing hundreds of great student photos from this past semester, we have selected our group of winners! We’ll be sharing the winners and some of our favorite #iSpyAPI photo submissions on social media […]

Last-Minute Tips for Preparing for Spring Break

For students studying at the ICP through API, spring break officially starts after class tomorrow. Like many, I have taken full advantage of the two weeks off by planning trips to Germany, Denmark, and England. By the time spring break rolls around, students will have been in their host countries for about two months, so […]

3 Unconventional Views of the Eiffel Tower

Oh La Tour Eiffel, an instant reminder that you are in Paris. It’s probably one of the most photographed monuments in the world, and anyone who has been to Paris has a picture of it on their Instagram to prove it. And while there is nothing like a picture of the tower from a distance […]

The Importance of Staying in the Moment

As I was in the midst of mapping out my plans for this coming summer (and going a little crazy doing so), I suddenly stopped myself. Why, I wondered, am I already thinking about my future when I am currently in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, having an experience of a […]

My Summer in Paris

I have always been infatuated with both art and travel, and last summer, I chose to expand my passion and travel to Parsons Paris for their three-and-a-half week summer intensive program. Carefree and ready to get out of the States, I ventured to Paris for the summer without knowing one single person or even the […]

Ça veut dire quoi en anglais?

One of the reasons that I chose the API French Language and Culture Program is the teaching internship that is offered, where students have a chance to teach English to elementary, middle, or high school French students.  The academic credit is optional, but I knew that I would be foolish not to take advantage of […]