ICDS: What is “Gallo Pinto?” Part 1

This post comes to us from our partner institution in San Jose, Costa Rica: ICDS (International Center for Development Studies) that you can learn about here: https://www.apistudyabroad.com/programs/costa-rica/san-jose/ Studying Abroad is an opportunity to acquire knowledge, challenge yourself, expand your cultural and personal boundaries, and gain academic experience. But…what about the food? Food is actually quite […]

Just Eat It: Why It’s So Important to Try The Local Cuisine Of Your Study Abroad Destination

This post comes to us from API Global Leader Sam Orr from the University of Georgia. Sam studied abroad in Florence, Italy.  Two weeks into my fall semester in Florence, Italy, I walked through the famous Mercato Centrale with my roommate. We were on a mission to find some lunch before our Italian class. We […]

Australia’s food capital is much more than that!

This Melbourne insight comes to us from API Resident Director, Axell. You can learn more about Axell here, and more about a study abroad program in Melbourne at La Trobe University here. As Australia’s most culturally diverse city, where more than a quarter of its population was born overseas, coming from 200 different countries and […]

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