Sunsets in Santorini

  After one cancelled flight and spending two nights in the Athens airport, my friends and I finally arrived in Santorini.  We were tired and sore but so excited for warm weather and palm trees.  This weekend has been a nice change from the United Kingdom’s cloudy, rainy weather.  The first place we visited was […]

Stonehenge & Bath

Not so bright but very early on Saturday morning, a large group of us gathered to board a bus to visit Stonehenge and the Roman Baths.  Our first stop was Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument of megalithic standards that still has a cloud of mystery around it.  The reason it was built is unknown […]

Sundays in London

When we think of Sunday, we usually think of it as a relaxing day to regenerate and prepare for the week ahead.  There are many different ways people spend their Sundays.  Some people go to church, some stay home and watch afternoon sports; whatever it is you’re doing, you are probably doing it with friends […]

London: Where Dreams are Achievable

British accents. Tea at all times. Pubs galore. Beautiful men and women rushing to and fro from buses and the tube. Parks hidden in every corner. Museums standing tall in seemingly every zone. Inspiration in the air (or maybe that’s the undeniable bliss of the fish and chips stand down the road…). London. The city […]

Taking Advantage

At the University of Westminster, study abroad students are encouraged to take a London-based class. We had a handful to choose from that focused on different cultural aspects such as theater, writing, and art. I am taking the Art and Society module, and apart from learning about art and culture, I get the chance to […]

Museums, Masala Chai Tea, and Massive Giraffes

At least once every day, I realize that being here in London is actually real. I keep feeling like I will wake up in my bed back home and this will all have been just a long dream. I’ve only been here for just over two weeks but many nights I find myself lying in […]

Getting Settled In

It has officially been over a week since I have arrived in London. I begin my first day of class (“modules”, as they are referred to in the UK) tomorrow morning, and I can, without a doubt, say that deciding to take this trip is by far the greatest decision of my life thus far. […]