Travel Styles

I would like to think that I have done my fair amount of traveling in the past few months since I arrived in Ireland in late August. I’ve been to multiple landmarks in Ireland and traveled on weekend trips to Paris, London, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and I just got home from a week in […]

Dublin vs. Ireland

I study abroad in Dublin, which is the capital city of Ireland. With a city population of about 527,000, it compares to the American city of Tucson, Arizona. Geographically, Dublin is 115 kilometers squared (don’t worry, that number means literally nothing to me either)… For a more visual idea, Boston, Massachusetts is 232 square kilometers—so […]

America, Europe-Style

Going to a foreign country you should expect culture shock and should embrace culture shock. It’s a learning process! There are different foods, you are with new people, engaging in new customs, potentially speaking a new language, the whole deal. Nonetheless, my study abroad experience in Ireland has not included any cultural panic attacks where […]

Take the Long Way

Maybe it’s America, maybe it’s my town, maybe it’s me, but walking has never been a valid form of transportation in my life. Growing up, I was driven to school and to my friends’ houses, then I drove myself. At college, the campus is actually so small that it is probably only a six minute […]

Bare-Bones Backpacking

During the weeks before and after my exams at Trinity, I took two separate backpacking trips to mainland Europe. Largely dictated by the small budget I had, I found the experience of minimalistic traveling exhilarating and a welcome challenge. I often found myself contemplating the boxes of things sitting in my closet back in Arkansas, […]

The Importance of Being Uncertain

I come to you today, dear readers, from my latest discovery: Oolong Flower Power. Think the most comforting room in your grandmother’s house, and then add the lingering, delicate smell of hundreds of jarred tea leaves racked up against the walls and the sound of unobtrusive chillstep music in the background. They have a plethora […]

Scotland: Take Two

I surpassed a significant personal milestone this past week by planning and undertaking my first trip abroad- completely alone. From the very start of my Irish experience here, I knew I wanted to make this plunge. However, to say that all my fears and apprehensions of what could go wrong were immediately cast away would […]