Observations on Chinese Students

Most Chinese students have their given Chinese name and use an “English” name in classes; they also have called me some interesting names. I suppose that it’s easier for us English teachers for them to use these names, but I also wonder how this affects their relation to their own culture. Names are often part […]

Beijing Travel Tips

In my last week in China, I traveled to the capital, Beijing. Beijing is a bustling city full of history, sights all around, and people; about 22 million. I decided to write a post about things you should do prior to your departure and some highlights. Enjoy! Before you leave: Make sure your passport and […]

Home Sweet Home

Here are a few things I miss about the States: Driving. 
 In China, the public transportation system is phenomenal! While it may take a little bit to get anywhere, it’s quite easy to get around. Since China has such a huge population, it does not make sense to have a car because it’s difficult […]

Life In Dalian

I actually live in Lvshun (pronounced Lushun), which technically is part of Dalian, but not really. The main part of the city is about a 50-60 minute bus ride away from the school. There are a ton of restaurants on and around the campus including a coffee shop, and I am looking forward to getting […]

Observations In China

So I’ve been in Dalian for a few days and here are some of the observations I have made: – Chinese is CONFUSING! Pointing and gesturing get you by well. : ) That said, make sure to learn some phrases when you arrive. Even knowing how to say thank you, hello, and other phrases will […]

Impending Departure

Wow. I leave is less than two weeks for Dalian and I’m freaking out a bit. I can’t believe that I will be gone for almost an ENTIRE year! I keep thinking to myself, what is the world am I doing? How will I be as a teacher? Will my students like me? Will I […]

Patients? No, I Mean “Patience”

I think one of the best pieces of advice for anyone going into teaching abroad in to be patient. Sometimes it will take awhile to hear back about a teaching position, where your school is at in the hiring process, if they need any additional materials from you in terms of paperwork, etc. I know […]