3 Countries in 8 Days

After turning in two papers and taking two midterms in the same week, I was dying for a break. Luckily, my spring break was just around the corner. I decided to take advantage of this week-long vacation and travel to three different cities in 8 days: London, Vienna, and Budapest! LONDON I visited London almost […]

The Greatest Fundraiser I Have Ever Seen

Photo credit to API students Camille & Ivan In February, I went with my program to the small college town of Salamanca. One afternoon, my friends and I were passing through the Plaza Mayor when we saw a large crowd gathering in the center of the plaza. The event was held by Pyfano, an organization […]

Barcelona Through the Eyes of a Local

I met Andrea at my friend’s graduation party in 2011. When she said that she lived in Barcelona, I thought “Oh, that must be nice.” I never imagined that I would actually have the opportunity to visit her in Barcelona, yet alone spend a semester in Europe. Well, sure enough, almost 4 years later, I […]

Adjusting To Life Abroad

A few days ago, I tried to get through the turnstile at the metro station and my metro card didn’t work. Confused, I tried pressing my card against the green pad several times. I still couldn’t get through. I then checked my iPod for the time and realized that it was February 10, exactly one […]

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